Saturday, June 9, 2012

What Muslim Patterns?

Today someone said they came to my site looking for Islamic clothing patterns and I remembered: tutorials. So I looked through my patterns and to my dismay, most of my patterns were not Islamic. To tweak them, I had to alter them to my liking.
Most Western patterns dealing with skirts, tunics, dresses and pants need some basic alterations like lengthening the hem or widening the waist or hip. And for busty, more deliciously curvy sisters, it get alittle more interesting.
Wait...who am I kidding?!
It gets even more fun.
Then there's the costume section of patterns. I'm sure some of you are very familiar with the Navitity/Passion costume pack:

I own this one too.

Or the ethnic section:

Ethnic clothes patterns are kind of hard for me to find and I have collected some from the 1970s, when the ethnic clothing was the height of fashion.

Historical patterns are my favorite.

Now a Muslimah who looks at this pattern might go:"Oh hell, no. That looks too hard, might take a long time, it's old-fashioned."
And she runs off to hunt for that perfect blazer to ruin her outfit.
To a Muslimah that sews and spends a vast amount of time with patterns, this pattern is the deal.
Yeah, this is one of my Un-Islamic patterns that I own. And it is a VERY versatile pattern inshallah you are willing to go beyond basic altering.
Now to make this dress Islamic, the skirt is nice and long. Simple A-line, perfect template for trims and deco. You focus on the bodice.
The bodice is nice and fitted so it will not be baggy plus the hijab can conceal it better. The sleeves can be lengthen with an undersleeve sewn onto the puff sleeve version (the lady holding the shell). The long sleeve can be widened to conceal the shape of wearer's arm. The neckline can be made higher and if you go here:
Easy Alterations for Regency Dress
The maker of this awesome pattern shows you how to make bodice alterations like sleeves and button-front (very helpful for sisters breast-feeding or who don't feel like unbuttoning the dress from behind).


  1. Asalaamu alaikum! I didnt even think about the ethnic section. I did find quite a few patterns for tunics and a dress pattern that looks alot like an abaya it just needs a lil more length on the sleeves. Alhumdulillah! Do you usually stick with cotton for the dresses or do you vary the fabrics? Im starting slow. I found fabric that is supposed to be used for a tube top dress so all i had to do was stitch down one side with the machine and taper the top. It worked great though n now i have two long skirts! Masha Allah! Anyway, shukran!

    1. Waliekum assalaam. I started out using broadcloth: it's reasonable priced, resists wrinkling, shrinkage and fading. Plus it comes in a good range of colors. Now I'm using cotton, linen, denim and rayon. Insha'allah unless I'm familiar with the pattern, I try it out on used bedsheets from thrift stores.

  2. Can't forget this one:


    1. @MaryamW
      Yeah, I seen that one before. Lol.

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