Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Abaya Revamp 2

Do you sew?
Do you have projects that you have done a poor job and have stuff them into the Abyss of Shame?
If you have, I would love to hear about how you have recycled or fixed them. 
In the meantime, I would like to show a project that was ruined in one day, folks. That's right. One day.

The Worst Project I Have Done

From this abaya, I have learned the value of choosing decent fabric, sewing with a 5/8 allowance, being careful when cutting and most importantly, packing a good burp cloth. The fabric was a very buttery soft but it does not take ironing well. So in the future, it willing be thrown into the dryer to get out the wrinkles. The pattern was very simple, I traced my old abaya out on the fabric (I should have traced paper first) and I begin to cut. Well, I wanted a nice little abaya for the Eid and I didn't plan out anything. That included the seam allowances, the zipper and the jacked up underarm.
Me feel so bad.
It get even better. I added the orange velveteen to give me more "kick" width and I was cool until I got to Altanta, GA. 
Then hell broke loose on this abaya.
During the Jummah Salat, I went into Ruku and the under arm ripped on me. I did'nt worry too much, my hijab had me covered. 
Zaynab, my toddler daughter, was a very cute, milk spewing butterball back then. She threw up on the abaya. 
I had wet wipes and my hijab. 
Then my husband brought us the "Whopper" (my thoughts only) of fish sandwiches in Altanta. This badboy was two battered & fried to perfection fish filets with the works holding the slices of bread together. The restaurant is near a Masjid and a Halal meat shop. I ended up dropping fish onto my hijab and abaya.
When we got back home, my beautiful abaya was a greasy and ripped mess. 

I can rebuild this (I think)

I want to turn this into a hooded abaya. I'm keeping the zipper and yellow embroidery (insha'allah) I hope to incorporate more. 

My plan (please don't laugh)

My inspiration: 

This abaya is on my Eid al-Fitr Want List, folks. 
And while you are at it, check out this stunning collection of lovely hooded abaya goodness at Lace and Gems. 

So I hope to have more on this project soon. Insha'allah.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Where Have I Been...

I have been settling into the groove of Chattanooga, Tennessee. I LOVE this city, it's busy enough you to do something to do but small enough to not feel overwhelmed. I have been learning where the sewing shops, thrift stores and good eats are. I have meet alot of Muslims on the way.
I have not been blogging lately because I still trying to find some direction.
I like sewing yet who doesn't.
Then I ran across this:

Plus sized Clothing can be done.
Then the light bulb came get: I could blog about plus size sewing for Muslims and non-Muslims.

I look forward to posting tips on my Eid Adha abaya, insha'allah.

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