Monday, June 25, 2012

Gamer Rant: Rappelz

My main: Garyon
Yep, I'm a gamer. When I'm not doing housework or sewing, I'm grinding like a porn-star without Viagra on Rappelz.
I have been playing Rappelz for almost a year now and the game is pretty good. It's my way of relaxing and refreshing my brain after sewing & working. And I enjoy RP games.
Rappelz's graphics are beautiful, there's variety of landscrapes and monsters.
I mean, I really like this game.
I don't like to slaves building the pyramids-HARD.
I understand that you have to work some to get some but grinding just to die is not my thing. After level 50, the quests come to a pathetic stand-by and your character is forced to lvl-up by dungeon partying. Insha'allah, I was without a kid, I would be getting my DP on.
DPing is only as good as your party, so going by my humble judgement, it sucks now because everyone is getting high-leveled pets to help them out. Personally, I rather be alone than when other players due to lack of maturity, civility and communication (for real). I have been in some good DPs before however they are truly rare.

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