Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Orange Sherbet Part 2

Yeap, I love dessert as you can see with my creations for my daughter.
Mainly because she's so sweet...when she wants to be.

This pile of fabric & trim became this:

Made in 2012, kurta kameez with gharara pants, modeled by one of Zaynab's friend in 2013.
This little outfit was a one-hit success, the pattern was awesome and the fabric & trim were stunning however Zaynab only worn it once for Eid ul Ahda 2012 then she hit a growth spurt and the outfit was stored away.
The good part of this story is that I found a home for this pretty outfit. Zaynab's new friend was very happy.

The gharara pants with matching bands and silver ribbons.

The decorated bib neckline in silver ribbon.

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