Thursday, June 28, 2012

Plus-Size Awareness Rant.

It's okay, they are plus-size models.

The plus-size fashion world is on the rise...finally.

Finally big-boned, curvy,plump, stout, round, hefty, everything that is not size 6 has an awareness with the public.
And this is one of the many pics that my one of my Facebook plus-size fashion groups post.
Oh (bleep)ing great!

Yes, people need to BE AWARE of plus-size fashion and women.
Yes, there are ALOT us.
Yes, we were left on the side lines for years due to clothing designers' simply not wanting to tackle the problems of plus-sized women.
This is all great and gravy but damn, what's up with the sex-sales crap.

Instead of glamous Vogue shots with beautiful couture clothing in fairyland settings, I get two curvy women holding each other, naked except for jeans. I would be utterly PISSED insha'allah I brought a plus-sized magazine with the intention of seeing some great designing and THIS is what I got.

I expect plus-size fashion designers to be a step above the skinny cut (PUN) due to the straight-up challenges plus-sized women have to deal with. More resources like cloth, more time altering patterns, more patience for fitting and most importantly more care of the plus-sized image. In my eyes, images like this hurt more than heal because alot of women see this all the time.

Thousand of women have to see their saddle bags, twinkle sides, jello arms, thunder thighs etc on a day to day basis. Then when they visit their so-called caring plus-sized fashion sites for inspiration or how to improve their own image, they get the great privilege of staring at another woman's half naked/sometimes naked body. Also the future plus-sized women are being fed the same objectified-female-sex-sales crap that they had to endure from the already established fashion canons. 

It's classy, beautiful and positive.
And no extra skin. I would buy it.

I seriously believe that the plus-sized fashions could stand on it's own WITHOUT the sex-sale-I'm-almost naked-so-racy factor. Plus size people are on the increase, we are quite common, we want nice, well-fitted, fashionable clothes and we all know that a beautiful positive body image is a helping factor in feel better about one's self. Flattering clothing do help. 


  1. Ameen sister! Ive been a bunch of different sizes in my life from pretty big to crackhead skinny. Id take the bigger about now. We are women wo obviously Allah wanted to be curvy or he wouldnt have made us that way! Our babies and husbands dont want to lay on bones and skin, they need something soft! The clothing designers with their low waisted, tight cut, skinny designs are the ones with the problem, not the women! And all those butt sculpting shoes and skinny jeans are being recalled for causing real health problems! So if u cant fit in em, ALHAMDULILLAH! Thanks for the rant sis! I bet itll help women of all sizes smile a lil more today!

    1. Assalaam waliekum. Youre right. I'm happy that designers are starting to see the potential of Islamic and plus-size clothing but they are still using a very negative, old-fashioned canon to market something that doesn't need it. Coco Chanel never needed a naked woman to put her perfume out to the consumer (just what I noticed) because it was an awesome high-quality perfume.


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