Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sewing Rant

"She wants me to pull more fabric out of where?"
Picture from "Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky"

I have a something to get off my chest about people expecting sewists to work miracles, whether it be magically producing enough cloth to cover a project when its not provided to the sewist being able to make a size 4 fit a size 26 figure.

Be sensible when dealing with us because your pride is not going to repair your pants nor let out your abaya.

That's my job and I expect to get what I asked for/agreed upon. I don't like "sweatshop" wages just because your husband is out of work or your light bill just got paid or you just paid for a previous project. Simply treat my request as a quote, be decent and bring the garment(s) back when you have the money. I don't need the personal fitnah (trouble).

I'm sorry, even clothes need some maintenance. It's a lifetime issue that spans across cultures, religions etc. Your clothes are going to need mending and altering. Unless you can do it, don't be a snob or unreasonably frugal towards people who sew for a living. Even if they are beginners or hobbyists or part-time, it's not fair to them. We don't wave fairy wand over your clothes and instantly they fixed like that.

Plus don't compare they do to what the seamstresses and tailors do in your home country or back in your time.

Just my thoughts.


  1. I can not alter my dress you are very talented. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Agree with you 100%. That's why when someone ask me to sew, fix or repair something, I say no in a heart beat. I stop sewing for people years ago, because very few people appreciate the skills it take to sew a garment or do repairs.

  3. Thank you for commenting. I actually like sewing clothes because I'm using my artistic eye in a practical sense. I feel good when I make a "success" garment and I want to spend that feeling to other people.

  4. It is not difficult to learn how to sew. The only difficulty in learning this skill is to learn how to make clothes pattern as well as taking body measurements. After you have learned these, learning how to sew is very easy. Learning how to sew is a fun activity that you can do as a hobby or as a source of income.


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