Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Hey people, I found this video on Stylish Muslimah's blog and it had one of my favorite words:
Yes, I like goth, mostly Gothic clothes.
I think Gothic clothes and Islamic clothes can go hand-in-hand. Yet that's another blog post by itself.

I love the way she is describing her way of understanding Islam and other people's reactions to her choice. I can relate to her because I was once Christian and I remember doing some of the same things she is doing to understand Islam like wearing hijab and serious soul-searching. I still love how people who are non-Muslim (professors especially) call themselves "experts on Islam" due to the fact that they have read tons of books on Islam. To me, those people are just being somewhat arrogant and they are hardly even called forth to truly explain Islam by the media. When they talk about Islam, it sounds like they have dissected some creature that's too big for them and they come across as haughty about something they cannot speak truthfully about or far worse they don't want to experience it. Islam is not a religion that can be learned from reading a book, it's best learning it first hand from a Muslim.

I strongly believe a person cannot truly understand Islam until they have actually experienced being Muslim or at least sincerely seek knowledge about Islam. That's my humble view in addition to Gothmummi's view.
I love how she is straightforward about her ideas and perspective. And she has alot of good points about the hijab: the outside & the inside. There are some Muslimahs who think the outside is more important and then there is vice versa.

The important thing is the why Muslimah should observe the "outside" as well as the "inside". Her viewpoint is very refreshing to hear and should a good reminder to the Muslims especially the Muslimahs that we, the Muslims, are being watched.

And Allah SWT Knows Best.


  1. I've just found this by Googling myself (yeah i know lol)
    I'm glad you enjoyed the video, Brilliant blog btw!
    xxx Gothmummi xxx


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