Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dick & Jane Curtains: COMPLETED

Remember the seemingly simple D&J curtain project:
Dick & Jane in the works

Well, it's FINALLY finished.
I know what you are thinking, it's curtains.
Simple little curtains with cute little D&J pictures, right?

See Gail being too over-planned and proud.
See Gail get her feelings hurt.
After being sick with sinus problems for a week and half, caring for a whining three year old who is mysteriously inquisitive about EVERYTHING all a sudden, being highly disappointed in a long awaited show: "All-American Muslims" and then my discontinued serger deciding "chew" up my work...

...a small project became a struggle.

Nevertheless, I pushed on, learned how to rolled hem and got finished with the last and most decorative set of panels. Complete with ruffles. And six yards of rolled hemmed ruffles too. Top and bottom.

**Jane smiles demonically at me as she rides her tricycle**
Naah, I just need a "me" project.

Would I do curtains again?

What is out of my sewing ability?

Do I see a Babylock or Singer Serger in the future?
God-willing, yes.

My next project, insha'allah, will be something for me like a nice tunic-skirt set or dress.

Until then, live and let sew. 

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