Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mama’s Brand New Bag (insha’allah)

bag fabric
This is the fabric for my new bag.

My Old Bag

My old bag has served me faithfully for four years now. It’s just now starting to show signs of wear & tear.
Surprised me.
Yet I must exercise my sewing skills and thrive for more awesome-ness.
Now I just make my own bag just because I have a choice in the color, construction and fabric. So I’m now planning out a new, improved one. The pattern of choice is Make Baby’s free baby bag pattern. The pattern is very useful and you can customize your baby bag to your heart’s content.
My old bag had
  • one strap (eats into my shoulder sometimes)
  • inside pockets that are useless (too small)
The new bag’s plans are
  • wider shoulder strap plus tote straps.
  • Improved pockets
  • Re-enforced bottom (I have grown to dislike the saggy bottom)
  • More colors
I will keep you posted on this project. Insha’allah.

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