Monday, October 31, 2011

Zaynab's Eid Adha Wintermint Princess Frock

Assalaam waliekum & hello.

Eid Adha is coming up soon...very soon. For those who are new to Islam, Eid Adha is the Festival of the Pilgrimage to Hajj. It marks the final day of the Hajj, which is the religious ritual of Hajar's (rah) search to find water for her son, Ishmael. That's my two cents in a nutshell so insha'allah I'm wrong about anything just said please feel free to tactful correct me.

For me, the Eids mark a time for generosity upon my family and an impulse to decorate my daughter in ruffles. I'm usually over-planning and stitching away at some frock for my daughter. For this Eid, Zaynab shall have her last little ruffled frock. Insha'allah.

*Gail wipes away some tears*

So let me introduce the Zaynab's Eid Adha Wintermint Princess Frock...the underskirt anyways.

A profile. Zaynab was playing balletina. 
The back. Daddy was holding her hands as she spin around.

I took the idea of this frock from McCall's M6389. 

And the Feliz Dress.

More to come.

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