Thursday, August 4, 2011

Assalaam waliekum...I have BOOBS!!!!

I have been noticing a trend in Muslim fashions where designers basically forget/deny/don't attempt to realize that ...this is a new one to them
Muslim women have BOOBIES.
There I said it.
Yes, we have titties, knockers, breastseses, gorillas (my personal favorite) and I'm sorry yet the pastie hijabs are not going to work.
The pastie hijab work great on these women:
By the way, I love the scarf . Masha'allah. 
Seriously, why do Islamic fashion have to support the Westernized concept of fashion? 
What's up with the use of flat-chested models to bypass decent hijab?
Just because a Muslim woman have little to no boobbage, didn't mean little to no hijab. I would not even style the hijab like this on a non-Muslim model for the reason it promotes an indecent hijab style. 
But the majority of us who have not been blessed with a size 4 figure + lightly endowed with breast can't wear the pastie hijab very well.
I know the designers have to make the scarves look good. However sometimes the scarves are wrapped to where they can't even make it past the woman's nipples let alone the collarbone. I just saw some scarves where the sisters must have had massive hair or wearing about five scarves packed underneath the main one. To my observance, the main scarf was frighten of the breast area. 
My thoughts: (slightly bored tone) "Masha'allah, more almost camel humps or pastie hijabs."

The models were like: I'm so happy to designate most of my scarf to my hair.

Or 75% of it to some massive decorative knot/flower thing.

Not all hijab styles are like this, I'm just going on my humble observation of hijab-breast phobia among Muslim fashions. Some may say I'm old-fashion or not hip or not modern, I'm saying that as a Muslim women don't the breast, on women, those two protruding globes that sometimes need a bra, are supposed to be COVERED.
Not barely covered with a hint of a hijab running across them.  
Some Muslimahs want to wear nice clothes with a bit of modern flare nevertheless there are limitless options to consider. Since the breast can't be shown, why not find clothes with appropriate sleeves that have decorations or skirts and pants were decorative hems. The sky is limits when it comes to Muslim fashions. 
And Allah SWT Knows Best. 


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