Friday, July 29, 2011

Recent Projects

I love working late night into early morning, hubby hates it but I love it.
The world is much quieter, my Zaynab would be asleep and I tend to notice things a whole lot better.
I just can't put my finger on why I love working at night.
This time I was preparing my muslin fabric early in the morning when I noticed that I used canned food to weight down my patterns while cutting. In the past, I used my roommate's canned cat food and it worked very well. I wanted some nice weights and I did some research.
I found:
DIY Pattern Weights
Great tutorial on pattern weights. Here mine at the moment.

Update: stuffed them with scraps and pennies.

I made Zaynab a very nice dress for a picnic at the local masjid however my grandmother passed away so she wore it to the funeral. Everyone thought she was adorable. I made a matching pair of bloomers for the dress too.

A beautiful built-in lining/petticoat. 

I ventured out to the local thrift to buy bedspreads for my Eid 2011 muslin and I found a super bad grab-bag of mostly sewing stuff. Can't argue with $1.40. 
I got these cool sewing accessories along with Singer needles and other sewing nick-knacks. 

A cool 1/4 seam foot.

And a hemming guide

Tune in for more projects.


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