Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hubby's New DIY Izar

Today I started a DIY Tailored Izar for my husband. I got the inspiration from the utilikilt. The utilikilt/kilt was great for design but too short for my husband's Islamic dress code needs.
Yes, Muslim men do have a dress code in Islam, they have to cover themselves from their navel to their ankles. One of the dress codes for Muslim men is that their garments must not drag the ground or end above the knee. Also they cannot wear silk or gold.
I wanted an izar that looked tailored yet simple make & could be made with old garments. An izar, from my understanding, is basically a simple length of cloth that is pleated and tied around the midsection. Islamically, the izar was worn by men and women however today it's more of a men's garment. The izar can be a simple tube skirt with elastic or drawstring waistband to a tailored garment with pockets and studs. The skies's the limit on this garment.

Im still working on the izar and will be more than happy to update this as soon as Im finished, insha'allah

****Islamic correction as of October 30, 2013: The original ruling on the Muslim men's dress code is from their navels to their knees. ****

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