Sunday, June 20, 2010

DIY Izar Completed

Shareef's izar is complete and he was very pleased with it. Insha'allah I'll be even more pleased when he decides to wear it out so I can see it in action and get some feedback on it. I think I'll try my next tailored izar project from scratch and even do a tutorial on this so sisters can make their husbands izars from old worn pants and left over material. It's great way of re-using what you got in your sewing scratches and giving those worn garments more use. This project was fun too, I discovered that pants are very versatile garments and how much fun it was to do your thing.

"Kurayami nara kocchi no mon da"

I often like to play a movie while Im sewing. Some may found this funny, but it helps break the mundaneness of sewing and naturally helps you take a break. I still be listening to the movie without watching it. I find an excellent samurai/yakuza movie series call: Zatoichi.

The main character, Ichi-san, is a blind swordsman and masseur with a good, kind nature. He wonders the land in search of work and helping people along the way. Often for some reason, Ichi-san winds up in some situation that ends with alot of dead henchmen and their bosses regretting that they never crossed his path. Insha'allah you like samurai movies: this badboy would be great.

Anyhow, I do have a Japanese clothing project coming up soon and this movie have some great, realistic costumes. I'm positive that my husband would not be too comfortable in a hakama, he sticks to his pants and izars. Me, on the other hand, would like a kimono & a michiyuki.

Back to the izar, after I cut the legs & crotch off the pants, I simply pinned the skirt material in place then when I got the look I wanted, stitched it in place. I added a flap over the front and it fastens down with heavy duty snaps covered in the same fabric as the skirt.

I stitched faux pockets over the real pockets to balance the back with the front. He can still use the real back pockets too.

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  1. Assalamu'alaikum,

    Just came across your blog. It's a nice new blog :)
    I'm wondering what is Ikzar? Is that some kind of traditional clothes wore by men? Is it the same as skirt?


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