Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hubby's New DIY Izar Update

It's Fajr and I have been up ALL NIGHT LONG.
Yeah, Im a night owl and I do my best at night.
Anyhow about the DIY Izar.
This project looked great on paper however almost hard to execute. This is just a mock, so Im learning & taking alot notes as I go along. Insha'allah the mock holds up and looks good, it will became a garment worthy of wearing.

Im having a field with pleats because when pleats are soft they tend to look feminine. And I hate that, so I had press and zigzag stitch over the pleats. There are also some design planning for the back, Im planning to add a panel over the front. I got the izar over my dress form for now until hubby gets home for the fitting.

The next time I choosing pants with just pockets. The current pants shown in the picture are a pleasant warm dark grey but the flash on my camera brighten the pic, so they look medium grey. The material feels very good and handles great; smooth to the touch yet not too slippery to sew. These were very nice pants to cut up and experiment on. They had hand-stitching on the inside. Shareef (hubby) said he found them at a thrift store in New York City.
I'm like: Hella sweet. Only in New York City you can found fine tailored slacks in thrift stores.
In the South, it's really ugly stuff that smells horrible.

Oh well...(Gail does the Threadbanger gesture)

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