Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Orange Sherbet: Part One

The materials:

I wanted to do something different and more Islamic for Zaynab this Eid. So I looked through my fabric and found this lovely orange sherbet kameez salwar set. I did a kurta with sharara pants. I will insha'allah try to found my sketches for this project.
The kurta.

In women's fashion, a kurta is a kameez with a collar.
I wanted this style.

I brought silver ribbon for the trim.

The inspiration:

Butterick 3403 was my "template". Now you may think: that's a button-up shirt, not a tunic. Well, thanks to my relentless sense of perseverance (really I make stuff harder than it really seems) and the pattern was already in my slash, I have a tunic pattern. I like the version with the blue print and white pants. The pants were perfect for sharara pants because all I had to do was add gathered fabric around the hem.

With the help of this site: From Shirt to Pullover
I was able to draft a pattern for the kurta. The trickiest part was the neck hole and keeping in mind that children had big heads. I made the neckline placket alittle deeper and Zaynab was able to pull it on and off with ease.
I brought this kameez at a local thrift store. I thought it was adorable and that it would be useful for a pattern. Unfortunately, it was only adorable. Zaynab tried it on and she could barely lift her arms, let alone breathe. The kameez pulled across her back, the armhole was far too tight and small and the whole thing was a hot mess.
So making a pattern from this garment was a no-no.

Cute little mandarin collar with piping. 

The results were great. Stay tuned for Part Two. 


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