Saturday, March 17, 2012

Don't Waste Your Time...

This page on Facebook:

Is a waste of time.
They enjoin the arrogant/ignorant and censor the Truth in order to "promote unity" throughout the page. Some of the Muslims are extremely trifling, meaning they don't want sound proof from Quran or Hadith yet they post very Un-Islamic comments and get angry when people state their opinions. If you post anything that is truthful if the likes then your post will be delete or the administer will tell you to hide it in the Docs.
Plus you will be labeled an "extremist".
This page started off as light-hearted until several Muslims took it upon themselves to post things that go against Islam. They even went as far as misleading/encouraging bidah among newcomers.
I can understand that the administer wants to promote peace among the members of this page yet they often fail to remember that Muslims are supposed the enjoin the good and stand against the bad in Islam. In other words, we do not let things that are against Islam, small or big, fly due to the fact that it could do harm to others, Muslim or non-Muslim.

So insha'allah you are a Muslim who wants to be around other Muslims who actually want to follow their deen like they should, to the best of their abilities then this page is not for you. 

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