Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mini Jubah Update

Remeber this number: Rewind: Mini Jubah

Well, here is the finished garment.

I was very proud of my mini jubah until I tried it on. Now I'm angry. The fit is VERY poor especially in the bodice. I'm swimming in it. Plus the back is long and graceful but when I move it bunches up on top of my butt. 

I wanted bishop sleeve like this:
See the beautiful puffiness. 
However due to my lack of pattern making skills, I messed up. The sleeve sags over my wrist instead of graceful puffing out at the cuffs. Yet I did a stunning job on the cuffs and the plackets. 

On the good note, I now have a decent idea of what I want my mini jubah to look like. I have another jubah mini on the way. As for this garment, insha'allah, it will be up-cycled into a dress. I'm totally saving the front for the ruffles. Keep posted. 

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