Sunday, February 13, 2011

Undercover Muslim Rant

An "undercover" Muslim is a Muslim who basically avoid the requirements of Islam to fit in with the Western culture. They don't wear hijab or greet other Muslims or do anything that would let people know that they are Muslims. It's a two-way street of annoyance, undercover Muslims get their feelings hurt when they don't get their rights from other Muslims. And other Muslims get angry when undercover Muslims get embarrassed or look down on them just because they have assimilated into the culture.
However I really don't appreciate the outcasting or not getting salaams just because they feel uncomfortable with their Muslim identity. I don't get the respect I deserve from non-Muslims yet I don't compromise my way of life for their approval. And I would never look down on undercover Muslims for not being like me on the account that Allah SWT is testing me differently from them plus I don't know their lives like that.
I know that somebody will, insha'allah, respond:"Well, everyone practices their faith in their own way."
My reply: What does being cowardly about your own faith has to do with practicing it correctly?
I'm sorry, yet to me, it's like a nun getting mad at people thinking she's not a nun because she is dressed like a regular woman. And everyone practically knows how nuns should dress and everyone has some idea about the modesty stated in the Bible.
That nun has an obligation to her Lord and the same goes for the Muslims.

Al-'Ankabut - 29:2

"Do people think that they will be left alone because they say: "We believe," and will not be tested. (Al-'Ankabut 29:2)"

Allah SWT Test the Muslims by their level of faith. Every Muslim is tested differently and Allah SWT looks for sincerity and commitment from His followers to distinguish the lying from the sincere. Example being the rich Muslim's wealth is a test just as the poor Muslim's lack of wealth is their test.
One would think that to be a committed Muslim that one would have to follow what has been set in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet pbuh not the desires of Mankind & themselves.
Yes, that means that a fellow Muslimah may be harassed by the local police for wearing niqab.
Or a Muslim brother maybe looked down upon for having to step away for prayer during work.
Or a Muslimah is rejected from getting a job because she wants to wear her hijab.
Yet it's part of the program. We have ran across this situation several times in the Quran and the Sound Hadith so there is really no surprise. And one never knows the rewards of having patience and being sincere when Allah SWT Tests us. Sometimes what we see as a horrible test can be the best thing for us. Allah SWT Knows us better than we know ourselves. The sister who is harassed may bring others into Islam, the brother may be rewarded with a better job position or the sister may find a much better job. And that's just on the worldly level.
And this is because Allah SWT Loves the Sincere and the Patient.

All of this is very sad but as Muslims, we should have some idea of the obligations and tests of our religion. We can't say we are Muslims and try to dodge our religious obligations just because we want the approval of others and money without the consequences. Muslims who do dodge what Allah SWT Has Decreed are really missing out on the benefits of enriching their faith and getting great rewards for doing small things like greeting other Muslims even if they don't greet back or not of their status/nationality.


  1. Assalamu alaikum
    MashAllah i particullarly like "We can't say we are Muslims and try to dodge our religious obligations just because we want the approval of others and money without the consequences"
    Its so true.


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